Virtual Lawyering for Competitive Advantage

Do you have a strategy for extending your law firm brand online?

CLC, in cooperation with DirectLaw, a leading virtual law firm platform provider, is pleased to bring you learning resources and discounted access to the DirectLaw Virtual Law Firm Platform.

You may have heard about the idea of "virtual lawyering", but do you really know what it is?

This  White Paper will provide you with basic information about the "virtual lawyering" concept, why it is important, and what to do next.

Trends in the market for the legal services of solos and small law firms are discussed in the context of fierce competition from non-lawyer web sites such as LegalZoom, which reportedly generated more than $160,000,000 in revenue last year.

Despite Unauthorized Practice of Law rules there are now hundreds of non-lawyer legal form web sites that are eating away at the market share of solos and small law firms.

Rather than abdicate the "latent market for legal services" that exists in the US, this White Paper explains how law firms can compete with non-lawyer web sites and extend your brand on-line. 

Internet-based technologies such as a "client-portal"  and web-enabled document automation, enable you to increase revenues, increase your productivity, and enhance the client experience.

Benefits of virtual law practice:

  • enjoy the convenience of interacting with your firm online...something they expect from businesses and other professionals in their lives;

  • Offer your clients the convenience of preparing legal documents online from your website.

  • pay legal invoices via online credit card payment;

  • store important documents  and attorney-client communications for 24/7 web-based access;

  • Differentiate your firm from others, attract more new clients and retain existing ones;

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The first step in learning about DirectLaw is to subscribe to the 30-day free trial (no credit card record required), which is a fully-functioning version.  You can sign up for the DirectLaw Free Trial Here.


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