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Document Automation: Introducing AttorneyWorkSpace

Posted by Richard Granat on Tue, Jan 08, 2013 @ 10:47 PM

AttorneyWorkSpaceAttorneyWorkSpace is an application built into the DirectLaw virtual law firm platform that enables you to use DirectLaw's document automation capability and automated form libraries for existing clients. 

You can use AttorneyWorkSpace to generate legal documents, ready for revision and further customization for traditional in-office clients whom you charge fees by the hour.

Using AttorneyWorkspace can dramatically increase law firm productivity be reducing the time that it takes to create a first draft of a legal document.

AttorneyWorkSpace does not exist as a tab/function on your Attorney Dashboard.  Instead, WorkSpace works in a number of different ways using various components of the platform. 

1)  For example, a prospective or existing client doesn't want to pay online or work with the firm in the online environment.  The firm could meet with the client in-office and complete a paper questionnaire (or print/mail it to the client to complete and bring to the office).  DirectLaw will provide .pdf based questionnaires that can be printed and used with in-office clients for this purpose.

Ultimately, the data collected in the questionnaire is entered into the corresponding Rapidocs template, enabling the firm to use Rapidocs' document automation capabilities as an in-office document automation solution. 

When a firm has the info needed to create a client's docs under this scenario, the firm would: 

-- Log into the Attorney Dashboard
-- Click on the Client Admin tab. 
-- Click on the Add Client link.
-- Enter the info, and follow the prompts to create a client account. The login info entered here will be used to log into the client account to enter the client's info in the online Rapidocs questionnaire.
-- Click on the Client Admin tab again. 
-- Use the Search function to locate the client account that was just created. 
-- Use the Add Questionnaire link to add a questionnaire(s) to the client account 
-- When you've added the relevant questionnaire(s), log into the client account and from there you can enter the client data into the questionnaire.  Submit the questionnaire to the firm, then access the completed set of docs via the Doc Prep tab on the firm's Attorney Dashboard. Adding a Paid Questionnaire enables you to bill your client by the hour the you usually do.

2)  WorkSpace can also be used for scenarios where a client still wants to meet/interact in person, but is ok with completing an online questionnaire. So in this scenario, the firm creates a client account, adds a Questionnaire(s) to it (via the steps outlined above), then provides the client with a username/password to log into the account & complete/submit the questionnaire to the firm. 

This gives the firm a way to generate the documents efficiently, make changes, etc. and then meet with the client to review drafts and/or ultimately deliver final docs in person. In this scenario, the firm can still charge in-office rates & use the Invoices function within the DirectLaw platform to bill the client for the work.  The client can pay via convenient, online credit card payment.  

These are just 2 ideas on how WorkSpace can be used.  

Information about Attorney WorkSpace can also be found on our DirectLaw site at

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